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The core to our operations, our data centre has been designed and developed around the principle of energy efficiency and high density racking. With this approach we have done away with traditional raised flooring and conventional air delivery / hot-cold aisle seperation and brought in designs that see a unique deployment in a next generation data centre build.


Incorporating custom fitted racks our data centre delivers conditioned air throughout the whole room via built in room ducting. Hot return air from equipment is controlled and delivered back to be processed (heat removal via HVAC or dispelled outdoors). Air intake (dependant on environmental conditions such as humitidy, temperature and air quality) is made up from returned air (closed loop) or fresh outdoor air. Having a design incorporating external processing of data centre air delivery enables our systems to run completely on fresh filtered air, drastically reducing electrical load far greater than can be achieved with alternative approaches (eg. Solar Panel)

Data Centre’s Features

Facility :


blue-tick Highly secure development and data services
blue-tick 24/7 availability with escorted and remote after hours access

Racks :


blue-tick 42RU (600mm W x 900mm D) customised deployed racking
blue-tick Perforated rack fronts with managed heat dispersion
blue-tick High Density power available up to 45A per rack
blue-tick Configurable Power feeds per rack ( A+B+C )


Quality rack fit-out supporting all major hardware vendor deployments giving the option of configurability to support your equipment requirements.

Power :


blue-tick Data Centre located on Perth CBD Hospital power grid
blue-tick UPS filtered power N+1 with option of 2N+1 redundancy
blue-tick Onsite Diesel Generater with managed support contract


With the above combination of redundancy and site location power availability is extremely high.

Cooling :


blue-tick Dedicated Cooling Plant room
blue-tick Managed Air Conditioning with N+1 redundancy, additional direct air intake and exhaust heat management systems


The added redundancy built into keeping operations cool ensures the integrity of your equipment.

Security and Protection :


blue-tick 24/7 monitored via NOC and third party Security
blue-tick Recorded CCTV
blue-tick Swipe card access throughout
blue-tick Laser VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) along with traditional smoke detector coverage
blue-tick Environmental Monitoring System
blue-tick Located within 2km of Police, Fire and Security dispatch


With both pro-active and re-active measures our combined monitoring ensures upmost security throughout with low response time to address issues.

Connectivity :


blue-tick Connectivity with Vocus, WAIA ( Telstra / Equinix ), NextGen, Optus and AAPT
blue-tick WAIX (IXA) peering and connectivity
blue-tick Network uplinks to the core switches are a minimum of 1Gbit.
blue-tick Connectivity to QV1 and NextDC P1


DC West has partnered with multiple industry data providers to deliver cost effective data service solutions with the availability of uplifting further transit from peers in QV1 or current POPs at DC.

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